AEA   |   SAG-E

Hair: Auburn | Eyes: Blue | Height: 5'6''


Feature Film:

MERMAID DOWN - Reyna (LEAD) - Dir. Jeffrey Grellman

NOTHING LIKE THE SUN - Streetwalker (SUPPORTING) - Dir. Nguyen Nguyen

BEFORE SHE LEAVES HER BODY - Kim (Supporting) - Dir. Betschart Brothers

PLAY - ENSEMBLE - Dir. Dara Friedman (Hammer Museum residency)

PLASTIC BREAKFAST - Virginia (LEAD) - Dir. Zane Johnson, Film Menagerie

AFTER WARHOL - Megan (ENSEMBLE) - Dir. James Benning

WITCH’S BREW - Zoe (LEAD) - Dir. Chris LaMartina

ROULETTE - Answering Machine - Dir. Erik Kristopher Myers

THE DEVIL’S PLAYTHINGS -Mary Bennett (LEAD) - Dir. Erik Kristopher Myers

LAMPLIGHT - Sara (LEAD) - Dir. Jason Koch

THE ROSENS - The Wife (SUPPORTING) - Dir. Steve Yeager


Short Film:

SIENNA'S CHOICE - Daughter (SUPPORTING_) - Dir. Linda Palmer

JIMBO - Lolli (LEAD) - Dir. Rodrigo Zan

LANGUISH - Jen (LEAD) - Dir. Michael Ho, O|X Films

RED MOLLY - Molly (LEAD) - Dir. Jan-David Soutar, MDLA Films

WONDER - Vivian (LEAD) - Dir. Marian Liddell, Marian Liddell Pictures

QUEEN OF THE ANGELS - Lotus (LEAD) - Dir. Zane Johnson, Film Menagerie

DELLA & MAE - Mae (LEAD) - Dir. Daniel Kleen, Model 05 Productions

EDEN - Sara (LEAD) - Dir. Travers Jacobs

ROMEO AND JULIET - Mercutio (SUPPORTING) - Dir. Kwesi Wade Johnson

HEIST LOS ANGELES - Maggie (SUPPORTING) - Dir. Haaris Baig

PHOENIX - Jessica (LEAD) - Dir. Jamie Naqvi

THE ANATOMY OF MELANCHOLY - Elizabeth (LEAD) - Dir. Rasika Ruwanpathirana

REUNION - Heroin Addict (SUPPORTING)- Dir. Mark Anthony Marez

TAPED - Brook (LEAD) - Dir. Mead McCormick

LAPSE - Lily (LEAD) - Dir. Chris Wiezorek

PARTNERS IN CRIME - Hannah (SUPPORTING) - Dir. Jeanie Clark


SAFE AS THE BANK - The Woman (LEAD) - Dir. Chris Wiezorek

THE RED-HEADED MENACE - Megan (LEAD) - Dir. Jeanie Clark

THE KOVE PROJECT - Mary (LEAD) - Dir. Maboud Ebrahimzadeh

DAY OF GIVING - Scarlett, Lieutenant Shirley (SUPPORTING) - Dir Chris Wiezorek and Curtis Thompson

FIVE PETALS (featurette) - Marie (LEAD) - Dir. Maboud Ebrahimzadeh



SMASH - Vegan Heart Smash (LEAD) - Dir. James R.W. Hiatt

ANTIROMANCE - Anne (LEAD) - Dir. William Rex Chen

LIFE AFTER LISA - Tammy Tyrell (SUPPORTING) - Kapri Productions LLC



KENTUCKY - Laura/Bridesmaid/Grandma - Dir. Deena Selenow at East West Players

HENRY VI TRILOGY (in rep.) - Queen Margaret (u/s, performed) - Dir. T. Bigley at Porters of Hellsgate

4000 MILES - Bec - Dir. Ron Celona at Coachella Valley Rep

SHAKESPEARE'S ROSE QUEEN - Queen Margaret - Dir. Brian Elerding at Ensemble Shakes. Theater

THE DRYWAY: A MERFOLK OPERA - Melior - Dir. Emma Z. Green at Son of Semele

REBORNING - Kelly (LEAD) - Dir. Brendon Fox at Urbanite Theatre (Sarasota)

PUSSY VALLEY - Get 'Em Gidget (LEAD) - Dir. Nataki Garrett at Mixed Blood Theatre (Minneapolis)

KURT WEILL AT THE CUTTLEFISH HOTEL -  LEAD - Dir. Paul Sand at Santa Monica Pier

PROMETHEUS BOUND - Chorus - Dir. Travis Preston at CalArts

TALES OF A FOURTH GRADE LESBO - Anne (LEAD) - Dir. Gina Young at Pasadena Playhouse

FEMME 6: AN IDENTITY - Femme 6 - Solo Show at Highways Performance Space

BRIGHT NOW BEYOND - Mombi (LEAD) - Dir. Daniel Alexander Jones at CalArts

HAMLET, THE FIRST QUARTO - English Ambassador, Player - Taffety Punk at Folger Theatre

SUICIDE CHAT ROOM - Nightshade, Lostbooks (understudy) - Taffety Punk at Forum Theatre

THE WEIRD SISTERS - Second Witch (LEAD) - Dir. Julianne Just and Genevieve Gearheart at CalArts

PURGATORY IN INGOLSTADT - Olga (LEAD) - Dir. Marina McClure at CalArts

HOUSE OF BERNARDA ALBA - Magdalena (LEAD) - Dir. Julianne Just at Walt Disney Modular Theater

SNEAKY NIETZCHE, THE EXPERIENCE - Weeping Woman - Dir. Shiela Vand at LACMA

MOTH OPERA (world premiere) - Margaret - Dir. Julianne Just at CalArts

ROMEO AND JULIET (selected scenes) - Romeo (LEAD) - Dir. Alexis Macnab at CalArts

ON THE QT - Ensemble - Dir. Gina Belefonte at CalArts

IF THIS ART COULD TALK - Megan (LEAD) - Single Carrot Theatre

THE MARRIAGE OF BETTE AND BOO - Bette (LEAD) - Fells Point Corner Theatre

THE MISER - Marianne (LEAD) - Fells Point Corner Theatre

THE VIOLET HOUR - Rosamund (LEAD) - Colonial Players in Annapolis

SALT WATER - Sybil (LEAD) - Spotlighter’s Theatre

THE DRUNKARD - Mary (LEAD) - Vagabond Players

SMOLDER (world premiere) - Sylvia I (LEAD) - Strand Theatre


LONDON SUITE - Lauren (LEAD) - Spotlighter’s Theatre

DRACULA - Lucy (LEAD) - Vagabond Players


THE WOMAN WHO COOKED HER HUSBAND - Laura (LEAD) - DC Arts Center (Capital Fringe)

THE BALCONY - Madame Irma (LEAD) - Dir. Joanne Klein and Mark Rhoda at Bruce Davis Theatre

THE WILD DUCK - Gina (LEAD) - Dir. by Michael Ellis-Tolaydo at Bruce Davis Theatre

LIFE UNDERWATER - Jinx (SUPPORTING) - St. Mary’s College of MD

HAROUN AND THE SEA OF STORIES - Iff the Water Genie (SUPPORTING) - Dir. by Holly Blumner at Bruce Davis Theatre

THE MANDRAKE - Playwright, Zanni (SUPPORTING) - Dir. by Meredith Taylor at Bruce Davis Theatre

THE COCOONERY - Gertrude (LEAD) - Dir. by Thomas W. Jones II at Bruce Davis Theatre

THE SERPENT - Ensemble - Dir. by Joanne Klein and Mark Rhoda at Bruce Davis Theatre

STOP KISS - Callie (LEAD) - St. Mary’s College of MD

THE SPECTATOR - Peaches (LEAD) - Run of the Mill Theatre




MFA in Acting, California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), Valencia, CA

ACTING: Marissa Chibas, Travis Preston, Craig Belknap, Robert Cucuzza, Mirjana Jokovic

VOICE/SPEECH: Fran Bennet (Linklater); Denise Woods, Dwight Bacquie (Skinner); Rafael Lopez-Barantes (Roy Hart)

MOVEMENT: Tina Kronis, Mira Kingsley, Stacey Dawson Stearns, Marvin Tunney; Babette Markus (Alexander); Steve Rankin (Fight Choreo.); Sherry Tschernish (T’ai Chi); Michael Sakamoto (Butoh)  

WORKSHOPS/MASTER CLASSES: David Bridel (Clowning), Scott Kaiser (Shakespeare)


BA in Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies, Minor in Theater Studies, St. Mary’s College of MD, St. Mary’s City, MD

ACTING: Michael Ellis-Tolaydo

STUDIO THEATER: Carol Arthur (Principles of Realism)

PEABODY CHILDREN’S CHOIR (11 years): Doreen Falby

     *Peabody Preparatory of Johns Hopkins University Achievement Award


Special Skills: dialects/accents, stage combat, viola, Commedia dell’Arte, puppetry, basic circus (tumbling, weight-sharing), horseback riding, fan dancing, burlesque, pole dancing, filmmaking,  animation voice over