Deer Woman

a solo theatre performance


Coming Soon…

May 9th - May 12th, 2019 to the Son of Semele Ensemble Solo Creation Festival

Deer Woman is a new original solo performance work that straddles the genres of fantasy, horror, experimental musical, and autobiography to tell the story of an exotic dancer who is visited one night in her dreams by a mysterious half-woman, half-deer creature. Upon waking from this vivid encounter, she begins experiencing ominous symptoms that she attributes to her contact with the mythical being. She believes she has been imbued with a dark magic that is both helpful (as when it is conjured to protect her when she is vulnerable) and also harmful (in that it fosters violent fantasies against others, particularly the men for whom she dances). She must now reconcile her love of dancing with the burden of ancestral rage she has inherited from the monster.